About Us

Tony is the artist and craftsman behind Tokens of Antiquity. I’m Roseanna, his wife and assistant. We live in Henderson, Kentucky and started making spoon bracelets over a year ago. Initially, we just shared our creations with friends and family. We received such a positive response that we decided to branch out and make them available for everyone in the Henderson community. You’ll love owning a distinctive and unique piece of jewelry made from antique silverware.

Our silverware jewelry is handcrafted from silverware that dates from the 1800s to the early 1900s. We love traveling to antique stores and searching for unique pieces of silverware. Our belief is that each piece of silverware has a story to tell and is a priceless, wearable treasure. Each bracelet is fashioned from vintage silverplate flatware and shows off silver patterns from a variety of ages.

We’ll gladly create timeless pieces of jewelry from your family’s antique collection. If you’d like to wear and treasure reminders of loved ones from the past, call us at 270-860-5775.

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